Savannah Ulmer

Savannah Ulmer
Marketing Director

Let us introduce our lovely and multi-talented Savannah Ulmer. Her official title is Sales and Marketing Director, her unofficial title is the go-to for anything. Working at Woodridge for an impressive and magnificent five years, we are confident in saying that the building would not be running without her! She easily knows every position in the building, even maintenance but we think she prefers her office. All of our residents know and love her, she is the first person that residents and future residents meet with as they tour the facility.

Savannah is highly qualified with a Bachelors in Science Business Administration and concentration in Health Services. She started as a business student in college but a random summer job changed her mind, she wanted fulfillment in her career, so she turned to senior care!

It may be surprising to learn that our accomplished Sales Director is only 27 years young! She loves to take trips on the train to Chicago to visit friends and watch Broadway shows. She dreams of watching an original cast Broadway show. Her favorite play today is wicked, but who knows if she will find a new play to obsess over! Savannah is also a vast book lover, she loves books so much she once worked at a library! Her favorite author is Agatha Christie but her favorite book is Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban! She is one to discuss books with for sure! We value Savannah’s dedication to Woodridge Village and we all hope she stays with us!

“Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan.”