William Gee

William Gee

Meet our new administrator! Full of fresh ideas and zesty attitude! Mr. Gee’s leadership skills started at the ripe age of 16, when he was promoted to captain of his high school wrestling team. He was a rough and tough wresting state champion in Kentucky! He took his management skills to the air force and served for 4 years as a squad leader! His sergeant commended him as, “One of the best leaders that had come through!”

After his dedication to the air force, he started as a dishwasher and worked his way up in health care for 20+ years. He dedicated his life to growing and learning by achieving certificates in heating and air conditioning, welding, and building houses! His motivation to become our administrator was, “I saw bad administrators get paid to do bad work. I want to change the game and improve the lives of our residents,” Says Mr. Gee.

Don’t worry, he had time for his family too between his rigorous learning and growth. He was blessed with one son and two daughters who are achieving great things in college and their chosen job fields! Mr. Gee is also close to his mom; who ran a funeral home. Fun fact, he used to be a mortician. He has done it all. Not to mention, Mr. Gee is with his high school sweetheart! Yes, it’s true Mr. Gee has had an eventful life! Now we can praise him here for his hard work and perseverance!

“Don’t bring me a problem, bring me a solution.”